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The Errant Vines Poems

may is here.

by Gizmo22

early may morning arrives.
dew settles upon the grass...
moist and silver...
wine for the earth mother.

© Gizmo22 2006

Mill House, 1966

by Philipa

© Philipa 2006

Back to See

by Jade-Artluvr

I recall as a child,
Morbidly searching in the dim moonlight,
For signs of your heaving sheet,
The soft cotton barely rising,
Proving your weathered, elderly shell,
Still longed for life fulfillments,
Now, as I gaze into your coffin,
I find myself searching again,
Cotton doesn't breathe on its own,
Here, standing at the edge of a last glance,
I would've looked upon your face a million times by now,
My dear, most perfectly weathered shell,
The tide has come in to reclaim its creation,
But your spirit shall remain ashore with me,
Until at last,
I come back to see.

© Jade-Artluvr 2005

Pesky Fish of the Brook

by Jade-Artluvr

I think I'd like to go fishing,
Go watch the trees, and feel the breeze,
And the tiny bubbles around my knees,
The leaves are turning,
The air cool and crisp,
Winter's quickly approaching,
And it's almost too cold to fish,
But quiet is the day,
As slowly rolls the time,
I string my little worm,
And cast a hopeful line,
Peaceful is my time spent,
Waiting by the brook,
Sometimes I catch a little fish,
Most times I lose my blasted hook,
I cast my bait and long I wait,
While thumbing through my thoughts,
And when the day is dimming,
My patience quickly thinning,
My tackle box I lock,
And down the trail I walk,
But I have to turn and look,
I swear I hear them laughing,
Those pesky fish of the brook.

© Jade-Artluvr 2005

Trivial Pursuit

by NoClockThing

search and distract
time shatters
sinking - hanging
on in-between



© NoClockThing 2004


Last edited: 4 July 2006. © 2004, 2005 Errant Vines