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General Rules

Please read these rules carefully, even if you don't plan on becoming a member.
  1. No soliciting
    The Errant Vines' private messaging system and membership listing must not be used to solicit our members in any manner. This includes, but is not limited to, soliciting our members to sign petitions or engage in letter-writing campaigns, to contribute to charity fundraisers or gifts, or to advertise websites and message boards.

  3. Copyright
    Original material posted at the Errant Vines forum is considered the property of the author of that post. In accordance, therefore...

    • No posts may be used, published or reproduced elsewhere, in any other format, without the explicit written permission of the author of the post.
    • None of the original material posted here may be gathered or compiled for further publication or reproduction of any kind without the expressed written consent of the authors.

  5. Settling differences
    When any of the site administrators or moderators express a concern or invoke a House Rule, please listen and comply. Compliance assures that when issues arise, they can be dealt with diplomatically and quickly.

  7. Questions
    If you have any technical problems or complaints relating to the forums, please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) first. If you're a registered member and you can't find the solution in the FAQ, please log in and search the Cry for Help forum. You might also try to search the internet. If you cannot find a solution yourself, you can post a question in the Cry for help forum, or express it to the site administrators using a private message or email. In order to phrase you question adequately, you might want to read How To Ask Questions The Smart Way by Eric Steven Raymond. Take the time, it is well worth a reading.

  9. Who may post?
    You must be registered to post.
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Posting Rules

We all want to enjoy ourselves and have some fun, so please read these rules carefully before you start posting.
  1. Read before you post
    If you are new in the community, please keep reading the forums for a while to get a feel for the place.

  3. Misunderstandings
    Please compose your posts carefully. If you want to use irony, make sure people will understand what you mean. Irony is a two-edged sword. Use the preview function to check the results before submitting.

  5. Stay on topic
    Please try to stay on topic. Posts that are off-topic will be moved or deleted by the moderators as we see fit.

  7. Be nice
    Please be polite to everybody. Posts that belittle or condemn other opinions or otherwise offer disrespect to the members and moderators of the Errant Vine forum will be deleted. Visitors who are  repeatedly offensive will be asked to leave.

  9. Watch your language
    Please keep in mind that anyone may visit these pages regardless of age and as such we ask that you word your comments appropriately. Please also keep in mind that visitors to the site come from around the globe and misunderstandings can easily occur. Though this might seem obvious, please don't forget that we are posting to the www here - that's the World Wide Web.

  11. Reacting to spoilers
    If any post at the forum should offend you, keep calm and think before you react. Notifying the moderators is a good strategy, retaliating with an angry post is not.

  13. Privacy
    Please be careful about disclosing personal information. Do not post your email-address or phone number etc. by any means! Again, this is the World Wide Web.

  14. Quoting
    Do not post contents from other sites, especially pictures, but link to it. If you wish to quote somebody to make a point, please post only the section you are referring to. Additionally, you have to make it clear it is a quote and supply the source. We do not want our own copyright violated, so, please don't do it to others.
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