Exhibition in Odense 2007

Sunday, 5 pmish

I arrived in Odense around 2 pm. Since the reception of the Youth Hostel was still closed, I dumped my stuff in a locker at the train station and had a walk around town. It's very hot today, so I expect we'll be baking in the heat come hanging day tomorrow.


The Holy Umbrella, patron saint of the drain

Looks like I've got a religious theme going on here

How do you call a Yugoslavian restaurant?

A typical side street

Bike Dungeon

Who wants to fit in anyway?

A touch of dirty...

On my way back to the station I took care of accomodation for Saturday, and went to buy a train ticket, since it turned out to be a bit cheaper if I buy it here. After I had stocked up on water and a short stroll around Kongens Have, the reception was open and I went to take a look at my room.

Four beds - all for me!!

Made my bed and got my stuff from the locker. Luckily, I don't have to share those power jacks - with my laptop to dump my digicam's chip, battery charger and mobile phone I'm quite greedy!

All moved in...

Now it's time to have another walk around town...

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