Exhibition in Odense 2007

Sunday, Midnight

On my way out of the youth hostel I ran into Sara, who had just returned from a shopping trip. After stashing her stuff in the fridge, we went on to have a stroll down to the park near the Gallery, where we sat on a bench and chatted for a bit. Being starved, we made our way to the Cuckoo's Nest to grab some dinner. On the way we met a very patient bird.

Hold still, please!

Sea Horse

At the Cuckoo's Nest we were first joined by Lisaodin, and then by Poppy and her husband. A good time was had by all. Two years ago we were table number 77, and now we are waiting to be 99 some day...

Egal ist 88


I figured out the manual focus setting - full control is back, yay!

While the others went on to bed I went to the Domir to meet up with Becky who was just arriving, and we hung out at the bar a bit, catching up on things and doing a bit of planning for the following day.

Magasinet from the back

Living it high

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