Exhibition in Odense 2007

Sunday, 10pmish

The plan had been to sleep in a bit. Unfortunately, the other residents in my hall had different ideas. They thought it would be a really cool idea to break in all the doors with an axe, scream at the top of their lungs and see how much slamming the hinges of the door to the staircase would take before it tumbled to the ground floor, merrily bouncing off each step on the way down. Well, actually they weren't being particularly loud at all, but still at a grumpy 6am that was not what I'd call a long night's rest.

A Danish Shower

I managed to doze off again until it was time to sleepwalk through the sunshine Domirwards - where a cup of coffee and Patricia et al cheered up my mood considerably. Two breadrolls, an egg and another cup of coffe later, I checked out and stashed my stuff at the station - including my rain jacket, because the weather was so nice. We decided to go to Brandts Klćdefabrik for the photography exhibition. 100 humurous photos gave us a lot of good laughs! While we didn't get the humour in all of them, most of them were fall-down funny.



My last traditional stop taken care of, it was time to go down to the gallery, so the others could finally have a look at their stuff on the wall. The view had been obstructed the night before by the choir standing in front of it.




We hung out a bit with Becky and Lisaodin, when it started to rain in bucketloads. So, all cigarette breaks had to take place at the front entrance, because it has a bit of a roof.




Around 3pm I decided I really needed some lunch before my train ride, so we went to Café Biografen sans Lisaodin, who wanted to stay at the gallery. She gave me a parting gift of some of her photography, thank you very much!

Two Masterpieces, or: Kneeling at the Altar of Art

They still have a smoking section at Biografen, which came in pretty handy, since it started drizzling again. All too soon it was time to leave, and the others walked me partway to the station, before they took the opportunity to hide in their respective hotels from the rain and get a change of clothes and all the paraphernaila needed for a dry-footed walk in the rain.

One last surprise stop on the way home was done at Taulov station, where the train broke down and we had to switch to a different one. Everyody just calmly collected their stuff and went over - in Germany everybody would have been complaining about it until the conductor's ears exploded, and then kept grumbling about it for at least another hour, checking their watches. I guess I prefer the Danish method, especially since I got lucky and didn't miss a single connection!

The broken down train

They really should clean those windows sometime

Taulov Station

Riding into the sunset...


A ray of camera

Was I getting bored?

Did I mention the dirty windows?

Typical fields

Switching trains in Padborg I happened upon a guy who had sat opposite me before Taulov, and we chatted the time away until Neumünster, where a half-hour late train was available to take me exactly where I wanted to go. Better than planned!

Rendsburg again

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