Exhibition in Odense 2007

Saturday, around midnight

Here we go again - a train to catch at 9:30. Like on Sunday, I had to switch only once, in Fredericia. When I went to the track where my connecting train was supposed to leave, it just said Kastrup. Scratches head, Kastrup, Kastrup, wait a moment, wasn't that - yes it is, KÝbenhavn's airport, so that's my train. Got off the train in Odense, never minding the rain. That's what rain jackets and hats are for.

Mosquito's paradise... but not for long

When I went to check into my hotel, they talked to me on a remote, because they have a sister hotel in the same street, and they only have one reception manned. Or in this case, womaned and she was new to the job and couldn't find me on the list. So, over I went to check out what was what. Turned out that they had my name spelled wrong quite creatively, and in a variant I had never seen before. Different languages, different spelling snafus.

Windy hallway... this is the Ydes alright

Check in taken care of, I went to dump my stuff in my room and write a few postcards. The postkontor was already closed, as expected on a Saturday. But wait a moment, we aren't in Germany here, so I simply got directions to a shop where they could sell me some stamps. As easy as that!

Look what I found! There was still some gin left in that bottle.

I think this is my kind of hotel

Postcards safely away, I made my way to the gallery via the kebab shop, since it was after 2pm, high time for lunch! I was happy to meet Anny again at the gallery, who came over just for the day. Becky and Lisaodin were also there, and then Patricia et al sneaked in upstairs. There was a choir giving a concert in the big upstairs room. The acoustics are very good, almost like a church, and so was the choir. And then there were new people for me to meet, NewTatoo and Taexalia.

The Heavenly Host

When the gallery closed at 5pm, everybody trundled away to their respective hotels to clean up, change, catch some z's, whatever.


Sign of...

... the times

Tipped over

Which way?

Have I been here before?

I took the opportunity to dump my chip, then hooked up with Patricia et al to walk to the boat landing in front of the gallery together. We took the boat over to the zoo, where we were met by our waitress to get us through the zoo to the restaurant, where we ate ourselves silly on an excellent buffet. That was just one of these occasions where you wish you could eat more, and more, and more...

The obligatory duck




Seal Basin

Boot on Board

All too soon we had to catch our return boat, and since most people decided to drop dead into their beds, it was up to the Teuton horde to raid the town. We decided to take our party mood to Franck A's and quite enthusiastically took off. After a quick look at the way they redecorated the place - you guessed it - easy decision made and up to the Domir we went, to have a cup of coffee. Here we go again.

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