Exhibition in Odense 2007

Monday, 6pmish

After a leisurely breakfast with Sara at the Youth Hostel, I headed towards the gallery, full gear in tow: my art, of course, and a laptop just in case we'd need it, and My Little Baby (that's my digicam, my SLR being The One Camera which is still broken, so I didn't bring it).

Strange Flower

The art shipment had already arrived from the storeroom, and so had Henning, the technical gallery wizard. Since Patricia's husband couldn't be there this year, Henning and I took care of the ladder duties. But first, it was unpacking time, so Sara and I headed straight for it. Better than Christmas!

A very generous gift from Olivia - Dalí Catalogs!

It's Boxing Day

Unfortunately, we had some broken glass again this year, and a broken frame.

Poppy came in with her husband to hang her photography and a mixed media piece by Sunset personally. She got the small upstairs room, like last year. The other two walls went to Pinon and Narcuelie, who hung her own stuff with Henning. Sadly, Poppy and husband had to leave again right after the hanging, so I hope to see them again next year!

Tools of the Trade

Cave Monster

Tradition informs us that it's always hotter than blazes on hanging day, no matter whether we do it in June or July. We weren't disappointed this year either. The upstairs rooms get especially hot, because they have a wooden floor, and the big one has four skylights. So, Henning and I helped ourselves to copious amounts of water and coffee. In that order. During lunch break, I took the opportunity to make my Danish-language transaction of the year - another tradition: Getting one of those delicious baguetter med kylling og bacon at the bakery shop - very yummy, and big enough too! Majken brought in her own stuff - with natural wood on the frames! - and we had a short chat. Do you remember the painting she did of her baby? Well, that baby is now anything but! How time flies...

Narcuelie and Sara set up the kiosk, and also took care of getting some exhibition posters hung around town. Oli's still busy putting Eneh's stuff together.


Eneh's Faces

That's all for today, I'll take pictures of the walls tomorrow when we have finished the hanging.

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