Exhibition in Odense 2007

Tuesday, 8pmish

When the gallery closed, I took the long way round to the Youth Hostel.

Il Gusto



You Want It

The Wheel it turns

Denmark's fastest train

After a much-needed shower and dumping my chip, I met up with the Scandinavian crowd at the Cuckoo's Nest for dinner. We were so tired we didn't talk much, and the others slipped into Skandinavisk occasionally. No matter, the only coherent thought I could take at the time was food, food, food, hungry, hungry, hungry... After those basic needs were catered for, we figured that a cup of coffee might help us prop our heads back up for a spell. Everybody took off cheerfully and I just dragged along in their wake, until we realized we nobody had any idea of where we were going. So, easy decision made and up to the Domir we went. When we arrived at the hotel we actually did manage to imbibe a portion of the much-desired brown fluid before tottering off to our respective beds.

The latest in hat fashion

This morning, I woke up early despite not having slept well, since the room was too hot. The windows will not open wider than a crack for security reasons, so my South-looking room gets very stuffy, despite drawn curtains. I decided to fill the time before breakfast with a little look-see on the internet, and to say hi to everybody. And that was the problem, "body" is adult content, so bye bye forum page. It is such a nasty word our children have to be protected from in all its forms and permutations. That's it, I should have said "Hearty greetings to the entire collective of carnal shells!" Let the blocking software figure that one out. On second thought, it probably knows the syllable "carn" too. Better not mention anything about eating chili con carne!

So, I started breakfast in a not so good mood, but I guess I have wasted entire half-hours of my life on more senseless things. Anyway, Sara joined me again and it was quite a silent affair, since she wasn't feeling too well and I'm not the most talkative of people in the morning anyway.

At the gallery, the first order of the day was finishing the upstairs room, before it got too hot. Since nobody was busy with other things anymore (there's that nasty word again, body! Succour! The end is nigh!), everybody (eeeek!!!) could pitch in with ladder duties, so Henning could take a rest. The back left wall is now filled with huge canvases of oil paintings by Rakel. We placed Oli's photos to the left of Lisaodin's. Becky's phrase of the day: Water break!


While Sara and Henning took care of the downstairs room near the café, I went with Narcuelie to hang the high downstairs room. Before we could finish, I went with Sara to the framing shop to pick up the damaged frames that had been repaired. We needed these for that room.

Smurf snot and labels applied, I still had enough time to drag my aching feet to the Youth Hostel and unsticky myself. By that time, the nerves on the soles of my feet decided that they had no idea whatsoever what was going on anymore, so they decided to just sting and itch and generally make a nuisance of themselves no matter what I did. Luckily, Becky is always well-stocked on Ibuprofen, so I could bum some off her which went very nicely with the wine we had for the opening. Fortunately, I was smart enough to water it down, so I wouldn't make a fool of myself in public... on the other hand... do I need wine for that?


Sara's work in progress

Henning had brought some junk in the morning, and Becky raided the workroom, so we would have some material for Sara to work with. It now graces the same wall as her pedestal sculpture did last year. It was fun watching her build it in-between watching the kiosk, with my camera in paparazzi-mode...


After the public opening, we hauled our carcasses to Froggy's, where Becky's chatter was probably the only thing that kept us from dozing off and slamming our heads into the table. Kudos to Patricia's husband who is usually inseparable from the ladder, I don't know how he does it! After a hungrily-wolfed down dinner - except for poor Oli who had an upsent stomach - a nice cup of coffe kept us going long enough to get ourselves to our respective abodes.

P.S.: I e-mailed the very friendly people at Sitekiosk and they said the Youth Hostel must be running an old software version, and they kindly whitelisted the forum - so it's not their fault.

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