Exhibition in Odense 2007

Wednesday, 7pmish

I cheerily woke up to - you might have guessed it - an overcast sky, and streets wet from the rain. Somehow, the sky above Fyn knows exactly on which days we are hanging the show. Every single time. I guess somebody up there is peeking through a big telescope every year laughing his ethereal ass off!



After an early breakfast I retreated to my room to make a little collage as gifts for everybody. That done and stored on my camera chip, I checked out of the youth hostel and stashed my stuff in a locker at the station. My luggage taken care of, I went to Billedbutikken to order some prints of the collage. It would take them about half an hour, so I decided to use the time to go over to the little art shop to buy some brushes, which has become kind of a tradition for me. Since they don't open before 10:30, I just took a random walk instead and returned to pick up my photos.




My next stop was the Cuckoo's Nest, where I sat down to write little notes for everybody. Of course I hadn't had them make enough prints, so I went back to Billedbutikken for more. This time, instead of putting the chip into their computer behind the counter, they showed me how to operate their customer-operated ordering machine. This way, the exact same prints cost only half the price. It's a strange world.

Now was the time to try the art supply shop again, and I chatted a bit with the owner who to my surprise thought he had seen my face before - no bad memory on his part! So, now I'm three brushes and one palette knife the richer.

The art supply shop

After picking up my prints I returned to the gallery, just in time for a little chat with Sara and Narcuelie before they took off to catch their train, and for a quick chat with Lisaodin. The rest of the day was spent hanging out with Becky, Oli and Haino not doing much of anything. Except for Becky trying to get through to the customs people, who where still holding on to some of the art from Norway, which is not part of the EU. Talk about exercise in frustration! Unable to get through, and the fax machine broken, Oli and Haino took off to send a fax from somewhere else - and brought us Pizza on the way back.


All to soon, I had to take off to get my train, which was 25 minutes late. Fortunately, I had a very long stopover in Fredericia anyway. It turned out that the part of the train I was sitting in would become the train I had to catch - very convenient! It's a good thing I know enough about Danish pronunciation by now that I recognize if someone says "Padborg" and then grab someone to ask what that was all about! It's not as trivial as it looks...

Across the Border


So, now I'm conveniently killing some time on the train by working on my diary, and keeping my fingers crossed for the next two switchovers...

Nord-Ostsee Kanal

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